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PR Grouch thinks Twitter is killing conversation

27th February 2013

I remember fondly when tedious hours at the office were spent on the phone, answering journalists’ questions or listening to clients demanding outlandish PR stunts.

Now the phone stays quiet. It's like a library in this place. Instead of picking up the phone, I now go online to read the latest fascinating instalments in the lives of all the losers I feel obliged to follow on Twitter, and wonder why I am friends with so many braggers on Facebook.

So, I thought I'd do my bit of the virtual work and suggest some status updates to avoid:

1. What you are eating for dinner or where you are holidaying next. I really couldn't care less.

2. The weather. Yes it is hot, and it will only get hotter. This is not news, it is called ‘India‘.

3. Your latest success story, it only makes us hate you more. We want endearing tales of public humiliation, it will make us laugh and feel better about ourselves. But if you must boast about a success, make sure it’s worth it. Winning a Filmfare Award is impressive, the Oscar is even better. Getting your client into one newspaper is pretty feeble.

4. Why would I be interested in any animals on your virtual farm? Can someone please explain what the point of FarmVille or Texas Poker is? It is time to grow up rather than grow pretend veg. Also, I really don’t want to see your endless game-related news.

5. OMG! Do you really drive into work, and get stuck at the Gurgaon –Delhi toll everyday? Really? Wow, how fascinating! And I am not that interested in flight delays, the fog and rain created jams either.

How I look back with nostalgia at the days when I wasted my life indulging in simple pastimes such as ignoring  fellow travellers on the Rajdhani Express, reading Stardust and even staring out of the window. But now hours, no, weeks (and soon years) of my life are lost reading about other people doing these things. I need to chuck out the ultrabook and the iPhone and get a life. But hold on, I just need to see if anyone has replied to my latest post about Bigg Boss…

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