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PR case study of the month: Why PR was essential to CareOnGo’s marketing plan for its’ app based mobile pharmacy stores

11th October 2016

PR team:
Arsheen K. Jain and Jyotsna Balooni

When did you start work: 
February, 2016


Product Concept 
CareOnGo is a mobile based mobile pharmacy store that aims at supplying medicines to consumers through their B2C app as well as through its’ B2B  CareOnGO Partner app. Using  the latter, micro pharmacies can buy authentic drugs from wholesale retailers. CareOnGo also offers its own analytics tool to measure best -selling medicines so that the inventory management can be improved.

The company has raised  $300,000 seed funding followed by another undisclosed Pre series A funding recently by Farooq Oomerbhoy of FAO Ventures, followed by Anupam Mittal and Anand Mittal of People Group; Ravi Garikipati, Head of Flipkart’s Ads Business; Vibhu Garg, Co-Founder of Unicommerce, along with Singapore Angel Network and Konglo Ventures, among others.

Objective of the campaign was to highlight how CareOnGo is using technology for the healthcare industry with a focus on its’ proprietary pharmalytics platform that makes uses of big data analytics and bots.  

Client Speak: 
 Ritu Singh, co Founder, CareOnGo, "One of our key asks was to highlight  how CareOnGo is increasing transparency and redefining end to end solutions in the healthcare space through technology. We appreciate the team's efforts in highlighting the key messages quite effectively in all stories, spread across various media platforms."

Campaign Plan:

Key Achievements:
The above strategy resulted in strong media coverage

Successfully rolled out a series of stories on the platform’s pharmalytics and chat bots feature

Highlighted the platform’s new launch in the B2B front talking about benefits to pharmacy retailers

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